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ZEUS is a new USA brand, it reflects the experience of 60 years in the foundry business. ZEUS is a brand of AIMS group.

When you ask chefs "If you were going to use only one type of cookware in the kitchen, which type would you choose?" most of the time the answer will be cast iron.

However, people believe that cast iron products require lots of time and effort to maintain and it is hard to use.   Is it so?   Not with ZEUS 

When we create ZEUS , we had one idea “ to create cast iron skillet that can be used daily ”.With intense research and development contributed by our rich manufacturing resources and blended with 60 years of foundry experience, our dream became reality.

Our products are the living proof that cast iron cookware can be user-friendly without compromising its advantages.

Even we are in quick production and consumption era, our observations show that people are highly longing for old cast iron products that are produced with intensive craftsmanship and traditional foundry discipline.

We believe, it is still possible that a long lasting product can be produced as handmade, with intensive labor like old days. Taking a step back on mass-automated production is a huge step forward to fulfill customers desire. People appreciate more to have a cookware that will serve them a lifetime produced as handmade with high quality and perfect craftsmanship, then ordinary cheap mass production cookware.

Since 2021, ZEUS has also been involved in the garment sector and still continues its existence with thousands of types and models in this field.

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